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The Bari crossbody bag is the most compact shoulder bag in Wrong Friends' range. The bag is perfect to carry when you are on the go and only want to carry the essentials. The bag has a small and stylish shape, which makes it easy to carry. As an extra, the Bari crossbody bag comes with two shoulder straps, one black strap with white logos and one black strap with black logos. So you can wear the bag in different ways and customize it to your style.


Size: 22 cm high, 16 cm wide, 5 cm deep
Comes with 2 shoulder straps; one black strap with white logos and 1 black strap with black logos.
A total of 4 compartments on the outside of the bag and 1 compartment on the inside of the bag. All compartments can be closed by high-quality zippers. The largest compartment has a zipper with 2 zipper sliders, this ensures that the zippers can be easily used whether the bag is carried on the left or right side!
High quality 3d Wrong Friends logo on the front.
Rubberized hangers on the zippers, with Wrong Friends logos on them.

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